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Precision glass forming process 6 step

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Key word:Precision glass forming process step
The glass blank is loaded into the lower side of the moulding tool.

Oxygen is removed from the working area by filling nitrogen or vacuuming the treatment chamber.

The tool system is almost closed (the upper die is not touched), and the whole die, die and glass system are heated. In most systems, infrared lamps are used for heating.

After reaching the working temperature between the transition temperature and the glass softening point, the die is further closed and the glass is pressed during the stroke control process.

When the final thickness of the part is reached, the pressure is switched to the force control process.

The glass is cooled and the working environment is filled with nitrogen after the moulding is completed. When the lens is cooled to a manageable level, it is removed from the tool.

The process is executed on a special forming machine, which accurately controls the temperature, stroke and force in the process. Tools used must be able to withstand high temperatures and pressures, as well as chemical interactions with glass. Die materials must also be suitable for processing into accurate surface profiles.

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