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Precision Glass Moulding of Optical Glass Lens PGM

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Key word:Moulding of Optical Glass Lens
Using processes such as grinding, polishing and grinding to produce optical glass lenses with complex characteristics is expensive and time-consuming. Therefore, precision glass moulding (PGM) has been developed to achieve the effective manufacture of such optical components in a single step.

However, PGM faces various technical challenges. For example, the PGM process must be carried out in the supercooled region of the optical glass above its glass transition temperature, where the material has an unstable unbalanced structure. In a narrow window with allowable temperature variation, the glass viscosity can change from 105 to 112 Pa$s due to the dynamic brittleness of the supercooled liquid. This makes the PGM process sensitive to its forming temperature.

In addition, due to the relaxation of the structure in the temperature window, the atomic structure controlling the properties of materials depends largely on the time and thermal history. This complexity often results in residual stress and shape distortion in the lens, which leads to unexpected changes in density and refractive index.

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