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Use of automobile defogging glass in harsh conditions

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Key word:Use of automobile defogging glass
The basic requirement of automobile glass is to provide clear, undistorted roads and surroundings. Extreme weather conditions make driving difficult. Driving in such conditions can affect a person's vision, which will reduce in bad weather conditions, such as rain, fog, sunlight and dust.

Considering all the bad weather conditions, fog may be dangerous. If you drive in foggy weather, defogging glass is the ideal choice for driving your car. This ensures clear visibility even under extreme conditions. You can drive safely every time you drive. In addition to the fog glass through the toughened glass rear window (rear glass) electrical removal of ice and condensation, by charging the heating mode, in the car and outside, so that in all weather conditions can be clearly visible.

The defogging glass can remove ice and condensate from the glass inside and outside the car, melt and collect snow to ensure free wiper movement, and drive more easily in winter mornings and after snowfall.

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