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Importance of Automotive Glass Quality and Safety

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Key word:Importance of Automotive Glass Quality and Safety
Early glasses were made of ordinary glass, but collisions could cause serious damage. A series of collisions led to the development of powerful glass. It was then replaced with glass made of glass, which was mounted on the frame with a lamp glass shade. When the glass breaks, the hardened glass breaks into many, mostly harmless fragments. However, the glass may be broken from a simple rock fragment.

Modern adhesive glass contributes to the rigidity of vehicles, but the main force of innovation has always been the need to prevent sharp glass debris damage. Almost all countries now require glass to remain one even if it breaks, unless it is pierced by powerful forces. Correctly installed car glass is also essential for safety. With the roof of the car, it is necessary to protect the passengers of the car in case of overturning accident.

Today's glass is a safety device like a seat belt and airbag. The installation of automobile glass uses automobile grade polyurethane specially designed for automobiles. The binder produces molecular bonding between glass and carrier. If the bonding fails at any point on the glass, it will reduce the effect of the airbag and seriously affect the structural integrity of the roof. Polyurethane sealant is protected by ultraviolet rays in sunlight, and the edge of glass. Darkening edges are transferred to clear glass to reduce the thermal stress in the manufacturing process with smaller points. Usually the same black spots are spread around the rearview mirror to act as a sunshade.

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