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Glass making process from manual to automatic process

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Similar to the viscosity of honey, glass is liquid when heated at temperatures ranging from 1400 to 1600 degrees Celsius. Unlike water, glass has no melting point or solidification point, but the quality of hard solids differs from that of liquids when the temperature rises. This "variable viscosity" makes glass special and understands how glass is made into practical objects. Sand alone is enough to make glass, but the temperature required to melt it will be much higher. Therefore, soda was added as modifier. Limestone is added to make the glass more durable.

Glass was collected, blown and tidied by hand until 1850, when automated processes were introduced, replacing the older, more time-consuming methods. However, some places still use old technology to make glass, making it richer and more valuable. The manufacturing process begins with the automatic mixing of raw materials (sand, silica, limestone, soda and chemicals for coloring) into the furnace, which is superheated and melted. The molten glass or "droplets" are then poured into different machines designed for both methods.

The heated liquid glass is poured into a die called a parison or blank. A stream of air blowing into the bottom of the blank die pushes the liquid glass to form the neck. Secondary air impact is applied to the formed neck to push the liquid into the wall of the parison die. The die is then transferred to the die, where the glass is reheated to obtain the shape of the die, which is usually completed by a combination of compressed air or vacuum.

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