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Precision Glass Forming Technology and Anti-reflection Coating

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Key word:Precision glass forming process
Precision glass forming process, if used in conjunction with precision preforms, can produce better results in terms of quality and cost. These are usually obtained by pressing or hot forming "droplets" of molten glass. This step is accomplished by continuous glass melting and moulding in a one-sided metal die. This process is only suitable for high yield. For smaller production, preforms must be removed from bulk or original glass slices by mechanical materials.

In the precision glass forming step, the preform directly forms the optical glass lens. Glass preforms and moulds must be cleaned before starting processing, but no polishing or post-processing is required.

Lens coating: Anti-reflective coating is applied on the finished lenses. First clean the lenses, then put them into the fixture. The fixture containing a large number of lenses is placed in the coating machine. After the process is completed, the glass lens is removed from the bracket and the bracket is cleaned by sandblasting or other techniques. Usually, optical coatings are prepared by one of two methods: physical vapor deposition (PVD), in which the oxide material evaporates and deposits on the lens, and plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD). The chemical reaction is carried out in vacuum, and the reaction product is deposited on the lens. There are two reasons for lens coating: manipulation or improvement of optical transmission/reflection, enhancement of mechanical, chemical or electrical properties.

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