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Float glass PPG Process production 6 step

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Key word:Float glass production process
Have you ever thought about how to make glass? As we know, float glass is produced by PPG process, which is a popular and widely used process in the current market. It includes the following steps:

Phase 1 - Melting and Refining: Mixing fine particles closely controlled by quality into batches, which flow into the furnace and are heated to 1500 degrees Celsius. This temperature is the melting point of glass.

Phase 2 - Floating Bath: Glass from the furnace gently flows through the refractory nozzle to the mirror-like surface of molten tin, starting at 1100 degrees Celsius and leaving as a solid zone at 600 degrees Celsius.

Phase 3 - Coating (for making reflective glass): Coatings with profound changes in optical properties can be applied to glass cooling belts through advanced high temperature technology. On-line chemical vapor deposition (CVD) is an important progress since the invention of floatation process.

Phase 4 - Annealing: Despite the quietness of glass formation, considerable stress is generated in the band when the glass is cooled.

Phase 5 - Inspection: In order to ensure high quality, glass manufacturers conduct inspections at each stage. Sometimes bubbles that are not removed during the refining process will ripple in the glass band if the sand grains that refuse to melt or the tremors in tin are rejected.

Phase 6 - Production by Order: When Diamond Steel trims the edges, the whole process of glass manufacturing is finally completed - stress edges - and the dimensions determined by the computer are cut. Glass is sold at a price of only square metres.
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