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Tips for repairing small cracks in automobile glass

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Key word:Tips for repairing small cracks in automobile glass
The repair of automobile glass is mainly to fill the liquid gum in the cracks and eliminate the cracks. The material used to fill glass is a liquid colloid with high transparency. It solidifies rapidly by ultraviolet heating, and its strength can reach more than 90% of the original glass. The construction process is not very complicated. The main tool is a vacuum syringe similar to needle and tube structure. Its function is to extract air from the glass wound and fill it with glass repair agent. After repeated pumping and pressing, at least 90% of the repairing space will be filled with filling fluid. Then, the repairing fluid will be solidified by irradiating it with ultraviolet light for about two minutes. When the machine is removed, there will be a small gap in the center of the wound. Then, a high concentration of patch is dripped into the wound, and glass sheets are covered. After drying with ultraviolet lamp, the surface is smoothed with a razor blade, polished with a polishing agent and polished with a cloth.

Usually a circular wound will only leave a small circular mark or spider-like crack after the repair is completed; a long crack will only leave a faint line, and only in a reflective angle, can you see the repair trace, generally still see a "seamless" good glass. Moreover, the strength of the repaired part can be guaranteed, and the strength of the hardened colloidal glass can reach more than 90% of the original glass.

Repair can not be done for any breakage. Once the glass has broken and separated, or broken into fragments, it is irreparable. And if the cracks are too big, the cost of repairing them may be comparable to that of replacing a new piece of glass, not to mention leaving scars. Therefore, the repair of automobile glass can save time and money only if it is used in the case of minor damage.

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