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Analysis of Common Faults of Automobile Headlamp

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Key word:Analysis of Common Faults of Automobile Headlamp
Headlamp, also known as headlamp, is installed on both sides of the head of the car and used to illuminate the road at night. There are two light systems and four light systems. Because the lighting effect of headlamp directly affects the operation and traffic safety of driving at night, the traffic management departments around the world mostly stipulate their lighting standards in legal form.

Generally, the headlamp of automobile is made of four lights. After long-term use, the headlamp of automobile with four lights may not turn on, there may be no near light or far light, the brightness of two headlamps is different, and the headlamp suddenly darkens. Here are two methods to analyze the faults of the headlamp of automobile.

(1) If the headlamp is not on, if the horn can be honked, and all the other headlights except the headlamp can be normally lit, indicating that the reasons for the failure may be the breakdown of the headlamp power supply circuit, the loosening of the wiring pole, the falling off of the filament and so on. The breaking position can be detected by short wire connection method and reconnected or replaced.

(2) The headlamp has no near light or no far light to turn on the headlamp, only far light or only near light, which indicates that the cause of the failure may be that a filament in the headlamp double filament bulb has been burned out, there are circuit breaks in the far and near light circuit, and the dimmer switch is damaged. At this time, replace the new light bulb first. If the fault remains, it can be explained that the cause of the fault is in the circuit part. The circuit from the light-changing switch to the filament can be checked one by one by using the wire short connection method. After finding out the fault location, the circuit can be eliminated.

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